Rotary Club of Indore Professionals has a very interesting story of formation and was founded by a group of very active and dedicated rotarians. We are proud that many of our founding members are still a part of the team or keep supporting us in our projects from time to time.

5135942 Anoop Golchha
5135947 Ravi Nandi
5136007 Jitendra Daga
5272033 Rakesh Bamoria
5645228 Nitin Dafria
5712050 Prafulla Dube Dr.
5952599 Vikas Arora
5952600 Gajendra Narang
6202179 V.C.Agrawal
6202181 Vivek Tanted
6202183 Ritesh Gupta
6202216 Rajkumar Agarwal
6470014 Mukesh Agarwal